Studio Classes

The pilates equipment studio offers tuition with full use of the original Pilates apparatus such as the Reformer,  Half Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Barrels. Classes are tailored to your own personal needs and give more individual attention than mat classes. This makes them highly suitable for those recovering from injury or illness, or if you have a specific training plan.

The fundamental mat-work exercises, which form the core of the technique, must also be learnt in the studio. Once you have mastered the basic routine you will use the equipment to increase muscle resistance, gaining strength, co-ordination and flexibility. We offer classes to all ages and abilities, from clients with back pain to a sports professional in a relaxed environment under the supervision of Debbie, a trained osteopath (non-practicing) and pilates instructor.

On your first induction session we will discuss your personal goals with you, and a postural analysis will be made. This is an hour long 1-to-1 session where you will be asked to complete a medical history form. Following this you will be led through the basic principles of the Pilates technique. Focus is on pelvic floor muscles, core stability, postural awareness, breathing and stretching, before trying some exercises on the equipment.

Subsequent 1 hour classes will be taken with a maximum of 4 clients at a time, each working individually on the equipment. You will continue to be instructed by your teacher, working on your own personal exercise programme.

You may continue with private sessions if you prefer but the times we will be able to offer are more limited.

Classes can be booked on a regular basis, taking the same time slot each week, subject to availability or can be booked weekly too if you need to be more flexible. Sessions run throughout the year and if you pay for a block of classes you have 4 months in which to use them – although you will get more benefit if you can come in weekly!


Class Times: 1 hr session

Monday 5 – 7pm

Tuesday 12.45 – 1.45pm, and 4 – 6pm

Thursday 7.30 – 8.30pm

Friday 10am – 12pm

Other weekday sessions can be arranged.


Prices – Studio Class (4 people max)
Induction session 1-to-1 (1 hr) £40
1 session (1 hr) £22
5 sessions (5 x 1 hr) £110
10 sessions (10 x 1 hr) £220
Prices – Private (1-to-1) Session
1 private session (1 hr) £45
5 private sessions (5 x 1 hr) £225
10 private sessions (10 x 1 hr) £450


Contact Debbie: 01698 295010
07941 569 662