Lauren McKechnie

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Lauren’s love for sport, health and fitness is what got her interested in yoga in the first instance. In today’s world of constant hustle and bustle, the practical application and ethos behind ‘season yoga’ is something that resonated with her.  Seasonal yoga teaches us to work with the world around us, as opposed to against it.  The class follows a traditional structure of physical asanas (postures), paranayama (breathing) and meditation (the best bit!) and is suitable for all levels and abilities – no, you don’t have to be able to touch your toes or tie yourself in a knot! Benefits to a regular practice are vast and include improved strength, flexibility, body awareness, posture, improved circulation, clarity of mind, reduced stress and anxiety as well as developing the skills to distance ourselves from any negative energy that will at times seep its way into our daily living.

Lauren is working towards a master’s degree in Public Health and Health Promotion and currently works full time for Cancer Research UK as the West of Scotland Manager for prevention and early detection. She lives in Larkhall with her two American Bulldogs and enjoys nothing more than indulging in good food (and wine) with family and friends.

Contact Lauren: T. 07903 290 549