Laura Graham

Dr Laura H. Graham

Laura is passionate about yoga and particularly loves its potential to engage a wide range of people, regardless of age, fitness level, and flexibility.  After a period of severe back pain, Laura deepened her interest in yoga in search of some relief, travelling to India to study to become a teacher.  She focuses on adapting practices to individuals to ensure that everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and able to find a level of activity that works for them.  Laura is also a keen rower and has a very busy day job as an academic in the field of sport so definitely understands both the importance of getting a bit of breathing space, and the difficulty in trying to squeeze the time in to a hectic life!

As a lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland, Laura specialises in sport and education, supported by a PhD examining the development of coaching philosophies, an MSc in Adult Education, a BSc (Hons) in Sports Medicine, and a number of sport coaching qualifications.  In all aspects of her work, Laura’s philosophy is to promote inclusion and body positivity, to ensure everyone feels they can find a way of moving that brings them joy and contentment.

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  Tel: 0777 307 9766