Debbie Johnson

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After gaining an Honours degree in Osteopathic Medicine in 2002 at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, Debbie practiced as an osteopath down south for 2 years before relocating to Scotland in 2004. She started practicing pilates whilst running Hamilton Osteopathy Clinic in 2004, after several episodes of back pain due to the nature of her job treating patients. Pilates is the ideal exercise method for people who have had osteopathic treatment for joint pain or muscular problems, to strengthen good alignment, balance the body and prevent recurrent pain.

Debbie then started teaching pilates in Hamilton in 2007, and opened the studio in 2013 after finding the perfect space to teach her classes, which is also central with good parking facilities.  Having now given up osteopathic practice, she is now focusing on the studio and will be starting up new classes in the coming months.

Pilates is not only for people who have suffered with back pain, but helps to prevent issues arising due to muscular imbalance or weakness. In addition to the toning and strengthening benefits, regular practice of pilates improves posture and flexibility. Debbie draws on her knowledge of the human body to ensure each client is not only working safely, but also effectively in each exercise.

Contact Debbie: 01698 295010
07941 569 662