Class Swaps – Help and FAQ’s

Please note, there is a help section on the Class Swap site, but the answers given here relate directly to the studio settings.

Q. Can I be notified of swaps that might interest me?
Yes. On your profile page you will find a list of all classes that you may swap onto. Simply tick the boxes next to the class(es) of interest and you will receive an email when somebody on that course posts a cancellation.

Q. Why are my classes not listed?
Class Swap opens 3 days before the block starts. You can ‘take-up’ a class up to 14 days before the class date.

Q. I have posted a swap but it does not show in the list or swap counter. Why?
You may have posted your cancellation before the ‘take-up’ open date. Swaps posted before the ‘take-up’ open date will become visible and available for use 14 days before the class date.

Q. When is the latest I can post a cancellation before a class starts?
Swaps can only be made up to 4 hours before each individual class. This is to allow time for notifications to be read by your instructor and other clients to take up a posted class. Please give as much notice as possible.

Q. Why can’t I swap onto another class that’s listed?
You can only take up a swap if you have previously posted one. Look at the top of the ‘post’, ‘take-up’, ‘profile’ or ‘help’ page on Class Swap to see your credits.

Q. How many times can I post a swap?
Until you have no classes left to post!

Q. How many times can I take up a swap?
You cannot take up more places than you have posted.

Q. Are there any time limits imposed?
Yes. However, if a class is listed on either the post board or the take-up board then it is within the time limits.

Q. Can I carry forward swaps posted from last term?
A posted swap can be used to obtain a replacement class within the same block only. 

Q. Can I swap into a class of a different ability level?
A. Generally yes into similar or easier classes and generally no into more difficult classes. If a class is listed, then you are approved to swap into it.

Q. Can I swap into a class that is not full?
Yes, any classes listed are available for you to swap into. If you would like to change class permanently for a future block, please speak to your instructor to confirm if there is a space.

Q. I posted a swap accidentally. What can I do?
Providing nobody else has taken your place you can claim it back from the take-up page. If it is not listed then another client has already taken it or it is too close to the class time to recover.

Q. I swapped into place on a class that I no longer want. What can I do?
You can re-post an unwanted take-up class from the list at the bottom of the post page. However, note that posted swaps have to be taken up within a certain period and if you cancel your take up after this period has passed then you will lose your swap credit.

Q. I re-posted a class I had previously swapped into but my swap credit has not changed. Why?
It is most likely that the class you originally posted to gain the place has now expired. Posts (swap credits) are automatically cancelled when they pass their expiry date.

Q. Do I need to tell my instructors if I have posted or taken up a class?
No. Our systems automatically email your instructors to keep them fully informed.